We work with all kinds of businesses, big and small - learn about the sectors we specialise in the most.

Who we work with

At Liquipak, we can pack just about any liquid - hence the name! If you need a filling and packaging solution, from sourcing the bottles to designing their labels and everything in between, then we’re confident that we can help you out.

There’s a few sectors in particular that we specialise in - where we’ve been working with clients for a long time to deliver an exceptional service that’s tailored to the challenges faced by those in a specific industry.

If you don’t see your industry listed here - don’t worry! That doesn’t mean we can’t deliver a fantastic contract packaging service for your product. But if you do, then we can guarantee a high level of experience and expertise.

Household Cleaning

We provide form, fill and seal contract packaging for a huge range of household cleaning products. Delivering cost effective custom liquid packaging in both large and small volume containers, for product runs of all sizes, is just what we do. Compostable and recyclable liquid packaging for bleaches, varnishes, garden supplies and much more is available too!

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Whether you’re looking for sustainable cosmetic packaging for short-run, eco-friendly,handmade products, or aerosol and liquid packaging for personal care products on a large scale, Liquipak can help design, fill and supply your packaging - whatever you need. Bespoke containers, specialist products with specific storage needs, the lot. Entrust your lotions, creams,scrubs, gels and balms to Liquipak!

Pet Care

Providing cost effective, reliable packaging for liquid pet care products means we’re able to accommodate both large and small product runs - so whether you’re an independent manufacturer or a large-scale producer looking for a packaging manufacturer in the UK, we can help. We work with veterinary products and B2C pet brands alike to provide an end-to-end design, manufacture and filling services.

Industrial Chemicals and Agrochemicals

Yes, it’s a bit of a leap from the last few examples - but it just goes to show that we can handle a huge range of liquids, and a huge range of requirements. Our work in this area tends to be less about 25ml spray bottles and more about 25 litre barrels for paints, cleaning products, agrochemicals, and more - but with the same level of care and cost effective solutions.


Lube oil and fuel additives may provide a challenge for some, but at Liquipak we provide full-service lubricant packaging. Whether you’re seeking a new product packaging design, bottle filling contract packaging or sustainable packaging manufacturing, talk to our team to see how we can help.

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